Poorly paid bus drivers forced to read ‘books’ when on duty

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Bus drivers have today criticised the poor levels of pay they receive after one of their number was forced to resort to reading a ‘book’ whilst driving his bus around Birmingham.

The driver was filmed by a passenger flicking through the pages of the ‘book’, with the video uploaded to YouTube where it has been watched several thousand times by people not in need of a ‘book’.

Dave Simms, a bus driver from Coventry, said, “Yes, I’ll admit that seeing this type of behaviour on film is quite embarrassing.”

“But you have to remember that bus drivers don’t earn very much, so often a ‘book’ is the only thing we can afford to read when we’re on duty and bored witless.”

“Sure, we’d all like to be looking at an iPhone, but until we’re paid what we genuinely believe we deserve, that will remain nothing more than a pipe dream.”

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Pay rise

The incident is set to lead to further calls for pay rises throughout the transport industry, in the hope that reading materials can be brought up to date across the board.

A representative of the Transport and General Workers Union said, “It is shameful that a worker providing such an essential service for the public must resort to entertaining themselves in such a demeaning manner.”

“In case you hadn’t noticed, the year is 2010, not 1970.”

“We now have eBooks, the Kindle, smart phones, and even the iPad, and yet still our members must entertain themselves on monotonous journeys using a series of printed pages bound together in chronological order to form a coherent story.”

“It’s the election issue that nobody wants to talk about, and so I would remind the main parties that the bus driver vote is there for the taking – by anyone offering an iPhone.”

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