New iPhone prototype drunkenly left in a bar – what do you think?

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The next version of the iPhone, the iPhone 4G, has been found in an American bar after an Apple employee got off his tits and left it behind before heading off to find a late night kebab house.

Apple are renowned for their product development secrecy, and this lapse which has seen product details posted on the Gizmodo website is sure to cause Steve Jobs several seconds of despair before realising how much free publicity he is being given.

So what do you think about Apple making the sort of mistake an 18 year-old student learning about continental lager would make? We sent our intrepid reporters out onto the streets to canvass popular opinion on the subject of Apple’s iPhone blunder.

Woman on the Street“Oh they shouldn’t get too mad, getting drunk in a bar is a really easy mistake to make.  Four of my children were conceived in much the same way.”

Georgina Doors, Analyst

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Woman on the Street“I don’t care how good the iPhone 4G is – until the app store stops banning hardcore adult applications I’ll be taking my money elsewhere.”

Gertrude Jones, Grandmother

Man on the Street“I’m sure it’s great, but until I’ve had thirty or forty of my closest friends and acquaintances demonstrate one to me, how can I be sure it’s the right phone for me?”

Shane Bellows, Nokia user

Man on the Street“I think it’s brilliant.  I heard someone say it involved tequila shots and beer bongs.  So even when they make a catastrophic mistake, Apple still manages to do it in a really cool way.”

Paul Cullen, landlord

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