Change blah blah change blah de blah, says every political party

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Every political party has positioned themselves as the party of change for the forthcoming general election, in a cunning plan to eliminate those political parties that want everything to stay exactly the same, all of the time.

The battle to make your change different from the opposition’s change is one that rages daily amongst the major parties, with each of the leaders recently outlining their own definition of change.

Conservative leader David Cameron said, “The choice is clear, do you want everything exactly the same as today? Well the Conservatives are the only party to offer a non-financially binding guarantee of change.”

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg explained, “We are the only party offering real change, not pretend change, or cunningly disguised ‘actually staying the same really’ change.”

Prime minister Gordon Brown outlines his own change credentials telling reporters “I am the vehicle of change, think of me as the double-decker bus of change against the conservatives 2CV of change, or the Lib Dem’s skateboard of change.”

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Much of the focus on change has come from Barack Obama’s successful election campaign in the US, where change became the central theme in his path to the presidency.

Just over a year ago, NewsArse was fortunate enough to be granted an audience with the new president, and we got the opportunity to ask him some questions about his plans, as he explained what he meant by ‘change’.

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