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The Cannes film festival is the true highlight of the movie year, the city comes alive with every A-lister, rock star, celeb and nubile starlet making a bee-line for the stretch of seafront that makes up the most important location in the movie world in which to see and be seen.

However, disaster struck when legendary socialite Jacques D’Azur disappeared while sailing his yacht from Tahiti, his last garbled radio message said he had discovered a remote island, but since then nothing has been heard of him.  The people at Stella waited, but as the days passed they realised that they would have to find a replacement host to fill his shoes.


As the search continues for Jacques’ heir, his exquisite lifestyle has been revealed – and it’s ready to be inherited by you! The lucky person deemed worthy of such a lifestyle will get a tailored suit, 1st class flights, and a helicopter pick-up to Cannes harbour. Plus a chance to stay at Picasso’s former home the highly prestigious Le Manoir de L’Etang in Mougin.

If you want to know more about the lifestyle you could win courtesy of Stella Artois 4%, then watch the videos below for a glimpse of the high life you could be experiencing in a few weeks time…

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Part 3 : Cannes socialite, former actress and semipro tennis player, Celine Vaugh-Cater, recalls fond memories of the recently deceased Jacques d’Azur, their mixed double victories together and his legendary appearances on the red carpet at Cannes Film festival.

Part 2: Veteran bellboy at the Cannes Carlton hotel, Marcel Bellon, recalls fond memories of the recently deceased Jacques d’Azur and his stays at the hotel during his legendary Film Festival appearances.

Part 1: Who is Jaques D’Azur?

If you want to know more, just head on over to Stella Artois and find out how you could become the new Jacques d’Azur.


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