Bullshit merchants drop libel case against man who pointed out bullshit

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The British Chiropractic Association has dropped its libel action against the science writer Simon Singh after courts ruled that pointing out ‘complete bullshit’ is actually ‘complete bullshit’ should be considered ‘fair comment’.

Singh wrote an article in the Guardian stating that claims of some British Chiropractic Association members that their techniques could treat childhood asthma and ear infections were ‘bullshit’, which the BCA claimed was libellous.

However, the courts have now decided that pointing out that bullshit claims are in fact, bullshit claims, should be considered fair comment, making a libel claims much more difficult for bullshit producers everywhere.

The news has been greeted with dismay by the nation’s bullshit peddlers, with many claiming the ruling could threaten their very livelihoods.

Homeopathic bullshit practitioner Dana Pullman explained, “If people are legally allowed to point out that my methods are bullshit, then gullible people will stop buying them – and I will stop making money from them.  Ergo, this is terrible, terrible news.”

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A leading libel reform campaigner explained that seeing bullshit peddlers become destitute was nothing more than a pleasing side-effect, and that their original intentions were much broader than that.

“It’s important that people are able to question and criticise medical claims.  I mean, do you really think that pill on the Internet is going to make your cock bigger?  Really?”

“If we’re not legally able to call bullshit ‘bullshit’ then where will it all end?”

“I’ll tell you where – It will end with us all living in a country run by prevaricating charlatans getting rich off the backs of ordinary people thanks to their endless lies and deceit.”

“Oh. Hang on.”