Gordon Brown admits his mistake on banking regulation – what do you think?

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Prime minister Gordon Brown has admitted he made a mistake in not introducing tougher banking regulation when he was chancellor in the late nineties and early noughties.

The prime minister said he should have put the “whole public interest” before the banks but had “learnt” from the experience.

So what do you think about Gordon Brown admitting he made a mistake? We sent our intrepid reporters out onto the streets to canvass popular opinion on the subject of Gordon Brown’s admission.

“I think it’s a dangerous precedent.  If our politicians were to start apologising for every bad decision they made, then they’d never get anything else done.

Sally Jones, Opinionator

“It’s fine. We all make silly mistakes from time to time. I mean, just five years ago I voted Labour.”

Dolores Chanworth, semi-pro gymnast

“They say that to err is human, and so some people might argue that this proves he is human.  But personally – I’m waiting until I see some conclusive DNA evidence.”

Dave Davison, Ice sculptor

“That’s not a mistake.  Forgetting to tell your secretary to make up a late business meeting in case your wife calls the office, now THAT is a mistake.”

Mike Cole, Divorcee