‘kin Microsoft launches new Kin phone for ‘kin kids

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Microsoft has launched a ‘kin new phone called the Kin aimed at ‘kin younger users and geared towards ‘kin social networking.

The software firm says the phones have been created specifically to help people who like to keep absolutely ‘kin everyone abreast of what they are doing, all the ‘kin time.

Fitted with all the ‘kin gadgets you’d expect to see on any modern phone, the Kin is also the first to access Microsoft’s ‘kin disappointing Zune music service.

A Microsoft spokesperson explained that, “This is a phone that knits together a tight ‘kin community of kindred spirits – the phone ‘kin personifies true kinship between people, technology, friends and of course ‘kin customers.”

“We think it’s ‘kin brilliant, and were absolutely ‘kin positive you will to.”

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Mobile phone users have reacted with muted excitement over the announcement of yet another ‘kin handset to choose from in the smartphone market.

Mobile user Jeremy Pace, 23 told us, “Oh great, this is just what I need, yet another ‘kin choice to consider when my contract is up for renewal, I sometimes think that all they care about is my ‘kin wallet.”

“I’m sure it does lots of clever ‘kin things that Microsoft claims nobody else does, at least until all the other release their next ‘kin models.”

“But, let’s cut to the chase, how much is this baby going to ‘kin cost me?  What, you’re not even going to tell us yet?”

” ‘kin hell.”

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