Doctor Who was inspired by a bad LSD trip – what do you think?

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Doctor Who’s regenerations were modelled on bad LSD trips, previously unseen internal BBC memos have revealed.

The Doctor’s transformations were meant to convey the “hell and dank horror” of the hallucinogenic drug, according to papers published on the BBC Archive.

So what do you think about children’s television using the effects of drugs for entertainment purposes?  We sent our intrepid reporters out onto the streets to canvass popular opinion on the subject of Doctor Who’s secret LSD past.

Woman on the Street“It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I took loads of LSD in the 80s, and as a result spent March 1987 convinced I was Sylvester McCoy.”

Daphne Dooknee, Conservative Candidate for Bootle

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Man on the Street“Are we sure the BBC have stopped using drugs to influence programmes? I ask because watching Adrian Childs on The One Show last week was reminiscent of the excruciating withdrawal symptoms experienced by a long term Heroin addict.”

Jimmy Nobble, Labour Candidate for Kensington

Man on the Street“I’m not usually pro-drugs, but I heard that the creator of Two Pints of Lager is a teetotaller.  I’m just saying, like.”

Craig Something or other, Lid Dem Candidate for anywhere

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