Ringo Starr blames eBay for him being a miserable git

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Ex-Beatle Ringo Starr says his decision to become even more of a miserable sod and stop giving autographs was prompted by people selling items signed by him to gullible idiots on eBay.

The drummer posted a hilarious video message of peace and love to his ‘fans’ on his website in October 2008 saying he would no longer sign memorabilia, and that all fan mail would be thrown away.

He spoke to Terry Wogan over the weekend to elaborate on that decision, telling Wogan, “It’s the exploitation of the gullible I can’t abide.”

“I actually am Ringo Starr, and even I don’t believe any sane person would pay for Ringo Starr’s signature. Especially if it didn’t come with signature of at least one of the other Beatles.”

“So I see people selling my autograph as exploitation of the mentally deficient, which I find completely abhorrent.  Unless they’re buying one of my albums.  Then it’s perfectly acceptable.”

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Starr explained that although he refuses autograph requests from fans and doesn’t even read their letters, he still wants them to continue buying his music.

“I’m still making music, yes.  And no, it contains absolutely no influence or content from Lennon or McCartney.  But it’s still not as rubbish as you might think.”

“So yes, I want people to pay money for my music, but not to profit from selling my autographs.”

“Essentially what I’m saying is that the only person making money from Ringo Starr, should be Ringo Starr.  Even if he continually refers to himself in the third person.”

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