Apple unveils new iPhone operating system, what do you think?

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Apple boss Steve Jobs has shown off some of the 100 new features to be included in the new iPhone operating system to be released later this year.

The update includes a mobile advertising platform called iAd that will be used to place adverts in applications made by third parties, and the ability to run more than one application at a time.

But what do you think? We sent our intrepid reporters out onto the streets to canvass popular opinion on the subject of the latest Apple technology upgrade.

Woman on the Street“I think it’s great – the only thing missing from my current iPhone experience is a series of persistent and pervasive adverts for tenuously related products and services, upon which I can waste my limited disposable income.”

Shiela Wheels, Emotional Wreck

Man on the Street“I think Steve Jobs has really messed up this time. If I’m spending all my money blindly following these new adverts, then how the hell am I going to be able to afford the next shiny white thing he launches?  Because I’m definitely going to want it.  Whatever it is.”

James McArthur, Idiot

Man on the Street“It’s yet another Apple masterstroke!  The only thing wrong with the current operating system is that I am limited to smugly demonstrating one application at a time to all the non iPhone users I know.  But now I will be able to annoy multiple people simultaneously!”

Jeave Stobs, Maniac