Conservative tax plans ‘built on things we didn’t think of’ says Brown

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Labour has hit back over criticism of their plans to raise National Insurance saying Tory plans to curb it are based on “savings we couldn’t find” and “things we didn’t think of”.

Labour has come in for significant criticism for its National Insurance plan, not least from 68 business leaders who claim to dislike the Conservative plan a little bit less than the Labour one.

Marks & Spencer Chief Executive Sir Stuart Rose said, “Look, we’d happily back any party that will let us do whatever the hell we want, whenever we felt like it.”

“But that party doesn’t seem to exist, yet, so we’ll back the one we dislike the least, which is the Conservatives.”


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Chancellor Alistair Darling this morning launched a stinging rebuke of the Conservative tax plan insisting that all they had done was list a number of things he and Gordon hadn’t yet thought of.

He told reporters, “It’s all well and good saying they’d make up the National Insurance shortfall with a further £6bn in efficiency savings, but they’re only saying it because we hadn’t.”

“Coming up with ideas and policies that we haven’t yet thought of is typical of the Conservatives.”

“Instead of coming up with some policies themselves, they merely focus on the things we haven’t thought of yet.”

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