Lenny and Dawn split – What do you think?

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Comedians Lenny Henry and Dawn French are to separate after 25 years of marriage, their spokesman has said.

Henry, now 51, and French, 52, met in 1980 on the Comic Strip team and insist the split is entirely amicable.

But what do you think?  So we sent our intrepid reporters out onto the streets to canvass popular opinion on the subject of this celebrity split.

Woman on the Street“I never saw it coming, it seemed like the fairytale love story of a man who loved jokes about fat people told by a fat woman, who married a woman who loved impressions of old black people done by a black man.”

Debra Dunning, Marriage Counsellor

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Man on the Street“Well, they say it’s amicable now, I just hope they can reach a fair and equitable settlement when they divide the contents of the fridge.”

Simon Trellis, Brick stander-upper

Man on the Street“I guess this means that Lenny will have plenty of time to devote to his new career promoting cheap hotels in a poorly fitting purple suit.”

Giles Baron, Hotelier

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