Watching Sky promotions for Sky pay-per-view events to become much cheaper

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Regulator Ofcom has told Sky television that it must cut the price it charges rival cable, terrestrial and internet broadcasters to show the ridiculous number of promotional programmes it uses to promote its pay-per-view events.

The ruling comes after Ofcom determined that Sky had abused its position by charging excessive prices for viewers to watch bowls, people playing cards, and lots and lots of adverts.

Ofcom’s statement explained, “Everyone has the right to pay a reasonable price to watch what is essentially a series of half hour adverts for something that is going to cost you a further fifteen pounds to watch.”

“This is just the sort of issue that Ofcom was brought in to address.”

Not all viewers are unhappy with the current arrangement, with David Jones of Slough explaining that he felt he got good value for his subscription.

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“I get several hours of tele-shopping, people with funny accents playing cards – bridge I think, and lots of half-hour updates on what David Haye had for breakfast before being reminded I can pay £15 to watch his fight on Saturday – it’s well worth £20 a month.”

“But if Ofcom has ruled that I must be shamlessly advertised to for a lot less money, then who am I to complain?”


Sky television have said they will contest the ruling, claiming it will have a detremental effect on the quality of their output.

A Sky spokesperson explained, “We spend millions every year ensuring we put together only the very best half hour adverts for our pay-per-view offerings, and this ruling is jeopardising that.”

“If everyone can get Sky Sports at a reasonable cost, then the adverts for our numerous chargeable extras will probably just consist of a boxer or wrestler screaming at the screen, ‘GIVE US FIFTEEN MORE POUNDS!’ – and I just don’t see how that will work?”

“You might say this is helping consumers, but I would argue that there are plenty of people enjoying the thrice daily updates on what David Haye is doing before fighting that bloke you’ve never heard of on Saturday.  It’s £14.95 by the way, see Sky Box Office for details.”