Popinions: What do you think about Wayne Rooney’s injured ankle?

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Manchester United and England fans are waiting to hear the extent of an ankle injury suffered by striker Wayne Rooney in Tuesday’s 2-1 loss to Bayern Munich, but we wanted to know, what do YOU think about it?

Rooney, who left last night’s match on crutches, is seen as essential to Manchester United’s premier league defence and England’s World Cup hopes – so we sent our intrepid reporters out onto the streets to canvass popular opinion.

Woman on the Street“It’s a real shame, because I hate to see any animal suffer. I just hope they get themselves a really good vet and he doesn’t need to be put down.”

Julie Brownberry, Message Articulator

Man on the Street“I’m hugely disappointed.  I had a fiver on the number one excuse for England’s dismal World Cup exit being an as-yet undiscovered John Terry affair.  Now everyone will blame it on Shrek-knack.”

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Dave Shute, Trainee Priest

Man on the Street“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! HA HA ha ha haaaaaa…HA HA HA haha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA.


Gregor McTavish, Scottish Chelsea Fan

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