Unions to strike over excessive demands of union membership

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The nation’s unions are to stage a four day walk out over the increasing demands of members seeking representation during industrial disputes over increasing work demands.

The move follows recent industrial action among airlines, tube workers and now rail workers, ensuring an overly-busy start to 2010 for union representatives.

One union representative who voted for strike action told us, “We’re obviously being asked to do more and more, you only have to look at a newspaper to see that.”

“But are we being properly compensated for that?  No, I don’t think we are.”

“The members are on the phone the very moment someone tries to get them to work a little harder, but they don’t give a second thought about asking us to do more, do they.  Selfish bastards.”

Walk out

The action is like to take place from 6th to the 9th April, ensuring that for one week only, all public services are likely to run as normal.

One unhappy union member told us, “I think the unions are being very unrealistic over this whole issue.  All we’re asking is for them to work a little bit harder for us, is that so difficult?”

“In a changing political and economic environment they have to expect that their role will have to evolve to encompass a greater amount of representation over industrial action.”

“They’re simply holding us to ransom, because we can’t strike whilst they’re all on strike.”

“They’re not doing themselves any favours, that’s for sure.  And with the smooth running of all public services I’ll be the public can’t wait for them to get back to work organising industrial actions.  Oh, hang on…”