Join the Cannes Festival elite with Stella Artois 4%

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The Cannes film festival is the true highlight of the movie year, the city comes alive with every A-lister, rock star, celeb and nubile starlet making a bee-line for the stretch of seafront that makes up the most important location in the movie world in which to see and be seen.

This year, renowned purveyor of quality beers Stella Artois will be hosting all kinds of exciting events. They planned to provide a well known and recognisable face to welcome the world to their exotic get-togethers, and only had one man in mind when they planned their events – former French tennis star, film producer extraordinaire, acclaimed director, and highly respected actor Jacques d’Azur.

However, disaster struck when Jacques disappeared while sailing his yacht from Tahiti, his last garbled radio message said he had discovered a remote island, but since then nothing has been heard of him.

The people at Stella waited, but as the days passed they realised that they would have to find a replacement host to fill his shoes.

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So they have decided to hold a competition to find 50 lucky winners from all around the world who will be flown to Cannes and stay at Picasso’s former home the highly prestigious Le Manoir de L’Etang in Mougin.

It will be no easy task for the lucky winners as they attend all kinds of parties with the cream of the film world and drink Stella 4% all night long, enjoying the full effect of the incomparable festival atmosphere. Just head on over to Stella Artois and find out how you could become the new Jacques d’Azur.


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