Popinions : The Camerons are having a baby, what do you think?

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People’s Opinion – Popinion – po·pin·ion (p-pnyn)


1. A belief or conclusion held with confidence by the public but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.
2. A judgment based on essentially zero knowledge and given by an unqualified idiot.

David Cameron’s wife Samantha is expecting a baby in September, a Conservative spokesman has said, prompting congratulations from both sides of the House, with only a few hundred through gritted teeth.

But what do you think about it? We sent our intrepid reporters out into the nation’s capital to find out exactly what people like you think about the Camerons having a baby.

Man on the Street“Well, I suppose it’s good news and all, but I watch enough daytime television to know that I should to save my congratulations until I see written confirmation that the baby is definitely his.

Jerry Simmons, Brick Designer

Man on the Street“Man, Gordon Brown must be green with envy.  I mean, Samantha Cameron is hot!”

David Matthews, Elliptical Cycle Tester

Woman on the Street“To be honest, it’s really nice to see that it wasn’t just us, and that all this time the politicians were actually fucking each other as well.”

Katherine James, Bovine Assistant

Now it’s your opportunity to tell us exactly what YOU think, by selecting the most appropriate answer from the poll below:

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