Champions League draw gives Arsenal fans parting gift of ‘a nice day out’ in Barcelona

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As the draw for the quarter-finals of the Champions League pitted Arsenal against tournament favourites Barcelona, Arsenal fans have insisted that they’ll enjoy their day out in Spain, and that it’s meant to be ‘absolutely lovely this time of year’.

Arsenal Chairman Peter Hill-Wood told reporters, “We would have liked to go further in this year’s tournament, yes, but is there a more lovely city in which to see your footballing dreams crushed into oblivion?”

“I’ve been saying this for a long time, but people get too fixated on the winning of games – what is important is that our fans get to spend a couple of day somewhere warmer than London, maybe visit a museum, swim in the sea and the like.”

“So in that respect, this is probably the perfect draw for us.  It’s really much, much better than getting knocked out in Manchester.”


An Arsenal fans’ spokesperson explained that the draw could not have been better from their perspective.

“I love Spain, and the city of Barcelona is something special on an evening when its team has won an important football match – so that is some spectacle to look forward to right there.”

“I’ve also promised my Catholic mother I’d get her a nice picture of the Sagrada Familia, it’s really quite beautiful you know – I would recommend any travelling fans looking to make the most of their last European trip this season to try and seek it out.”

“We obviously wish Barcelona the very best of luck in the semi finals, and all that remains now is to find a cheap flight so I can be there to watch our exit in person.”

Journalists are still waiting for official comment from manager Arsene Wenger regarding the quarter final draw, with one club insider saying, “he’s claiming he didn’t see it, and so he is adamant it never actually happened.”