Hull City’s Jimmy Bullard suddenly looking more attractive

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Hull midfielder Jimmy Bullard has suddenly begun appearing more easy on the eye following the press conference to announce the arrival of new manager, Iain Dowie.

Bullard, who has consistently been referred to by the opposite sex as having an ‘excellent personality’, is said to be baffled by the sudden attention he is now getting.

He told the club’s website, “I was at the new gaffer’s press conference, minding my own business and waiting for an opportunity to do something funny, when these two female journalists started giving me the glad eye.”

“Then, when I took the gaffer out for dinner to show him the local area, the waitress couldn’t keep her eyes off me every time she came to the table.  She was almost glaring at me to be honest.”

“Is this what it’s like to be John Terry or Ashley Cole? Because I’ve got to admit, I kinda like it.”

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A Hull City spokesman explained that they had no intention of explaining to their star midfielder the true reason behind his new found popularity among the ladies.

“Look, he thinks it’s because he’s been in an England squad, or because they’ve seen that funny thing he did on Soccer AM – no, not that, the other thing.”

“What could possibly be gained by explaining how much better he looks when he’s stood next to Iain Dowie?”

“Now, can I interest you in one of our new Iain Dowie fridge-magnet appetite suppressants?  One you put it on your fridge you’ll want to eat a lot less, we guarantee it.”

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