Man on the street: What do you think of Mephedrone?

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There have been renewed calls by The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) for the Government to take urgent action against ‘legal high’ drug Mephedrone, which is currently available as a legitimate plant food supplement.

So we sent our intrepid reporters out into the nation’s capital to find out exactly what people like you, think of it all.  This is what you told us.

“It’s disappointing to find out that what is essentially a plant food is being used so successfully as a recreational drug. The irony is, I have been feeding Ecstasy tablets to my Geraniums for years now, with little success.”

Jerry Simmons, Amateur Botanist

Man on the Street

“I think this is fantastic news! Finally I can combine my two favourite pastimes, visiting the garden centre and getting completely mashed off my tits!”

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David Matthews, Fund Manager

Man on the Street

“I think it’s a terrible state of affairs. If God had wanted us to take these drugs, he’d have made them grow out of the ground, like tobacco and Heroin.”

Katherine James, Logistics Professional

Woman on the Street

Now it’s your opportunity to tell us what YOU think, by selecting the most appropriate answer from the poll below:

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