No ban on racist grandparents, says government

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Grandparents in England should not be banned from spending time with their grandchild, despite their frequent adherence to casual racism, a review has concluded.

The government commissioned the report last September after a leaked list identified 173,000 grandparents who were guilty of casually using racist slurs in front of impressionable family members.

Review author Maurice Smith added his recommendations on racist grandparents should be reviewed every year, which ministers have accepted.

He said, “The odd use of the phrase ‘darkie’ should not be sufficient to prevent someone being a grandparent.

“You have to remember, they’re from a different time, and they don’t really understand what they’re saying.

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“I’m sure they love their grandchildren, and some deep-rooted racial stereotyping considered wholly inappropriate by civilised society doesn’t affect that.”


Grandparents across the nation have hailed the report as a victory for common sense over all those bloody foreigners coming over here and making up our rules.

Gerry Shuttleworth, 75, said, “I’m pleasantly surprised, yes, because I’d heard the report was being written by a negro who had also married a communist.

“I mean, can you think of a worse combination? Apart from him being Irish of course.

“At least he wasn’t a Jew I suppose, because they’ve never like me, not since the ‘incident’.

“Anyway, I’m just delighted that I can continue taking my grandkids around the significant white supremacist landmarks this country has to offer.”

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