Nation left wondering how Beckham felt about Manchester return

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The nation’s sports fans have been left to wonder why nobody in the sports news industry thought to speculate upon, or even ask David Beckham how he felt about his return to Manchester United.

Last nights match was his first appearance at old Trafford since his summer 2003 departure to Real Madrid, a fact that has seemingly gone unnoticed by all major news outlets.

Manchester United secured a 7-2 aggregate win over Beckham’s current club AC Milan, in a match he watched from the bench for over an hour – where he was ignored by television in favour of pitch-related incidents.

“I tuned in to watch the emotional return of David Beckham to Old Trafford, but they insisted on showing lots and lots of football.” said one disappointed viewer.

“It would have been nice to see a few close ups of him on the bench – because that it is always the best bit of a football match.”

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Football fans have faced a fruitless task this week in the search for any coverage whatsoever of Beckham’s return to Manchester.

One fan said, “I flicked through lots of television channels, and bought six newspapers, but for the life of me I couldn’t find any mention of Beckham’s return to Manchester United.”

“It was almost like the papers had insisted they would focus on the football.”

“Yes, it was a Champions League last sixteen clash, but the real story was a player sitting on the bench against a team he hasn’t played for in seven years.”

“I watched it, of course, and I realise that with all the adverts they don’t get much time to speak to the pundits, but what I really wanted to hear was Andy Townsend’s interpretation of the emotional roller-coaster Beckham would have been experiencing – it’s the type of insight he’s best known for, after all.”

“The media ignoring his return has completely ruined the last few days to be honest.”