Facebook criticised as man impersonates a girl who pretends to be a man

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Social networking website Facebook has come in for stiff criticism after a 45 year-old man, working for the Daily Mail, used the site to pretend to be a 14 year-old girl who in turn was impersonating a 45 year-old man.

The undercover operation has thrown into the spotlight once again the security issues around child safety on the Internet, and how easily a minor could be lured into the seedy world of mid-life crises.

The reporter, who wishes to remain nameless, explained, “I was a little shocked at just how easy it was for me to pretend to be a young girl who was pretending to be a man of my exact age.”

“I dressed up in a school uniform, to help with the whole character thing, but through her – I call her Debbie – it was surprisingly easy to channel a middle-aged man.”

“At no point during the sign-up process did Facebook ask if I was actually a 14 year-old girl pretending to a 45 year-old man, which you’d think would be top of their list of security questions.”

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“Though to be honest, I think Debbie would have probably lied in that situation.”


Before long, ‘Brian’ – the fictional man whom made-up ‘Debbie’ was impersonating – was inundated with sickening requests from several new so-called ‘friends’.

“I was lured into a frankly disturbing discussion about allotments, and had several requests to join a group designed to promote real ale.”

“I accidentally accepted a request to join the Rotary Club, and somehow I’m now an administrator for a group called, ‘I bet I can find 1 million people who like a nice cup of tea.’ It is abhorrent.”

“This type of filth is not the sort of thing you want a fictional 14 year-old girl exposed to.”

As a result of the undercover operation, the Daily Mail has called for significant improvements to Facebook’s online security to protect the nation’s children from paedophiles, perverts, immigrants and other slightly brown people.

Editor Paul Dacre explained, “It would have been quite easy for ‘Debbie’ to get ‘Brian’ to have pretended to be a 13 year-old boy, spinning the web of lies even further – I think you see where this is going, yeah?”

When Facebook were approached by the Daily Mail for comment they said, “This is a joke, right?”