One medal definitely a success insist British Winter Olympic team

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The British winter Olympic team has claimed the Vancouver event was a success after improving its medal haul to one gold from one silver at the event in Turin four years ago.

Skeleton Bob gold medal winner, Amy Williams, was the only podium place from the 52 British athletes who took part, which Team GB are loudly insisting should be seen as ‘good’.

A British Olympic Association explained, “There were 63 nations who didn’t win anything at all, so we are significantly better than all of them. Aren’t we?”

“Yes, yes we are. We won a gold medal for women’s sledging, so in your face Ghana, in your face Peru, and in your face Belarus.”

“What?  We finished behind Belarus?  Well, we’re still better than Peru and Ghana.”

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British Olympic Association Chairman Lord Moynihan said that just because we’d met the target of improving on the Turin medal haul by the absolute minimum amount possible, we should not not see the games as a failure.

“Look, an improvement is an improvement.  Though we have set ourselves a daunting task for 2014 in Russia where we will now have to win two medals in order to continue our progress.  Maybe we should take 100 competitors to that event instead?”

“On the bright side, if we continue this rate of improvement every four years, we can confidently predict that Team GB will knock Canada off the top of the medal table at the 2230 Winter Olympics.”

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