Teenage boys delighted with current levels of media sexualisation

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The nation’s teenage boys have responded to a report claiming that there is an over-sexualisation of today’s children by stating that they are perfectly happy with the current levels of sexual imagery, thank you very much.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos’s report calls for tougher regulation to prevent young teenagers being exposed to lots of lovely sexy images in pop videos, magazines, or on the Internet.

She told reporters, “Yes, they might say it’s the best thing in the world and the only thing that gets them up in the morning, but you simply can’t trust the opinion of a teenage boy.”

“It’s not helping them in the long term, and is leading to large numbers of adults having a fascination with prolonged sexual relationships with attractive people.”

“We must teach them that having sex with ugly people is a perfectly acceptable way to spend a few minutes when there’s nothing good on the television.”

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Teenage boys have explained that although they are delighted with current levels of media sexualisation, there is still room for improvement.

14 year-old teenage boy Kevin Watts told reporters, “My Dad used to wank himself silly to grainy pictures he found in old magazines that someone had stuffed into a bush, and yet here I am with 24/7 access to lovely boobs and fannies.”

“Can you imagine what kids will have access to in another 20 years?  It makes me quite jealous just to think about it.”

Not all teenage boys feel that the current level of media sexualisation is appropriate, with 13 year-old Shane Molloy just one of those advocating change.

He explained, “I just think that maybe we should have more overtly sexual images around the place, you know? Then they wouldn’t be such a big deal when we saw them, would they?”

“If you saw a non-stop stream of chesticles from the moment you woke, to the moment you went to sleep, then you wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at jiggling boobs in a music video, would you?”

“I think we should start with a topless episode of Hannah Montana.  I think even my Dad would watch that.”

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