Latest opinion polls show drop in support for opinion polls

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The latest series of opinion polls released today show a significant fall in the popularity of opinion polls, with support for opinion polls down 7% on a series of opinion polls taken just minutes earlier.

In a joint series of polls conducted, as always, by ICM, MORI and YouGov, the pollsters polled a random selection of 3000 voters, with the results weighted by how often they had been called by pollsters for their opinions in the previous 48 hours.

Support for opinion polls, which previously polled at an average of 43% across the pollsters, polled at 37% in the three polls polled at 22:00 last night, a swing of 7% on average against the previous polling which was polled at 21:58.

There was a significant increase to 55% of support for, “fuck off and stop fucking polling me”, which could be indicative of a drop in support for polls when combined with the prior polling information, and the polled drop in support for polls weighted against the polls taken 14 minutes previously.


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Pundits have predicted that polling will indicate a drop for “alright, I’ll answer your questions if you’ll promise never to phone me again” when the latest set of poll results are returned.

However, the current polls seem to indicate an increase in support for reduced polling, with one frequently polled member of the public asking, “Is there any danger you could do just the one poll, so that the polling figures actually make sense rather than blur into one single endless, eternal and pointless poll for polling’s sake?”

Pollsters have urged pundits not to draw conclusions from the polling, but added that the latest ComRes and Angus Reid polls for the period 10:25-10:30 today would draw a clearer picture of support for polling in the polls.

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