Site of really old thing pretty much where we thought it was all along

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The true site of one of the most decisive battles in English history, the Battle of Bosworth, has been revealed as being almost exactly where we thought it was all along.

Bosworth, fought in 1485, which saw the death of Richard III, was believed to have taken place in a field, near Sutton Cheney in Leicestershire, when in fact it was a slightly different field in pretty much the exact same place.

The revelation has left previous visitors to the site distressed, with one telling reporters,  “I looked out over a field and imagined that really old thing happening, with all the fighting and that, when all along I should have turned around looked at a completely different field a few hundred yards away.”

“I am quite disappointed, as you can probably imagine.”


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Leaders of the project, which sought to find the new field quite close to the old field, have hailed the project as a resounding success.

“This is a huge victory, not just for us, but for the discipline of archaeology as a whole.  We have spent four years and a million pounds proving that something that took place a really, really long time ago, was actually a few hundred yards up the road.”

“In archaeology terms, this is like splitting the atom!”

“Well no, it doesn’t really advance our knowledge of the time that much, I suppose.  But we have proved a few older archaeologists wrong, by half a mile, so in your face old diggers!”

Not everyone is happy with the project, with one tax paying local resident explaining, “Look, the story of the death Richard III and the end of the civil was is pretty interesting, I grant you.  But does it really matter whether it took place in this field here, or that one over there?  Really?”

“The more I hear about this whole endeavour, the more I realise that pitiful BBC archaeology drama ‘Bonekickers’ was pretty much on the money.”

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