Waiting rooms everywhere to miss Readers Digest from mid 2017

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As news broke of publisher Readers Digest entering administration, GP surgeries the length of the country made plans to update their waiting room magazines sometime in early 2017.

The move into administration is set to end the right of passage experienced the first time you read an eight year-old issue of the magazine whilst waiting to ‘get something for that cough’.

One patient explained, “I’ve always enjoyed reading the Digest at the doctors, it’s like a little time capsule, taking me back to a time when I was younger.  Generally somewhere between three and nine years younger.”

“They’re always educational, and only last month I read a very interesting article in there about the threat posed by that Millennium Bug – it sounds dreadful.”


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It has long been believed that new issues of the magazine were put in storage before being released to the NHS once the five-year embargo had elapsed.

One central London GP told us, “It’s a said day for waiting rooms everywhere, and I’m already dreading the day – in another six or seven years – when the last issue is considered a bit too old to be used in the waiting area.”

“I suppose my patients will just have to make do with reading the Hello! coverage of David Beckham’s marriage to that posh one out of the Spice Girls.”