Church accuses BBC over lack of programmes about their fictional characters

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The Church of England’s general synod is to discuss a claim by some of its members that the BBC has reduced broadcasting about completely made up and entirely fictional characters.

Some Anglicans are said to be frustrated about what they see as the part played by the media in eroding the influence of non-existent entities in UK national life.

A Church of England synod spokesperson said, “There is too much reality on television, what we need is more programmes with stories made up 2,000 years ago about a magic man and all the amazing tricks he could do.”

“And if we can’t have stories that are directly about him, then we should have more programmes with people telling us how great they think he is.  Maybe these people could sing, too?”


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The BBC has strongly denied the claims, explaining that a great proportion of programming output is dedicated to completely made up, entirely mythical figures.

The BBC’s head of religion and ethics, Aaqil Ahmed said, “Eastenders is fictional, Holby City is fictional, and Jeremy Clarkson is obviously completely fictional – so when they say they want more ‘fictional entity’ type programming, I say we already have it covered.

“They told us they want more programmes about a being from the stars with powers beyond our imagination, who has seen mankind grow in his image, and who holds our destiny in his hands, but we have already told them that Doctor Who will be back later this year.”