These are all ceremonial Glock 9mms, gangs tell police

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After Britain’s first Asian judge said Sikhs should be allowed to carry ceremonial daggers – known and Kirpans – in public places, several London gangs have insisted that their assorted weapons are also, ‘purely ceremonial’.

Sir Mota Singh QC, who is retired, has criticised schools over the issue saying that the Kirpan is a religious artefact and should be carried by Sikhs in school, and the fact that it could be used to stab, slice, cut and shiv someone, is purely coincidental.

“Not allowing someone who is a baptised Sikh to wear a really sharp knife when they are out and about is just not right,” Sir Mota told BBC Asian Network.

“The Kirpan is an important element of the Sikh religion, along with a comb, a bracelet, and some special underpants.”

“It is a purely defensive religious item and would only be used in extreme circumstances, like say, an argument over which God is best – which hardly ever happens.”

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The call by the retired judge to make it legal to carry the Kirpan has led to similar claims by the nations inner-city gangs.

One gang leader, ‘Dead-eye’ Bowers said, “The Glock 9mm is not a weapon per se, but rather a symbol of our devotion to our gang/church.”

“Yes, I know you think of our church as being more like a ‘gang’, because we don’t do any actual praying and stuff, but we adhere to our gang rules with a level of zeal even the most committed religious order would be proud of.”

“Just because you don’t believe in our religion doesn’t make it wrong, or do you want to start a whole ‘my religion is more plausible than your religion’ thing again, eh?”

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