Sky News apologises for making people feel sorry for Peter Andre

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Sky News broadcaster Kay Burley has apologised for a line of questioning which made members of the public have a degree of sympathy for Peter Andre.

Andre was seen to break down when questioned by Burley regarding the marriage of his ex-trollop Katie Price to professionally violent retard Alex Reid.

One viewer told us, “I don’t like Peter Andre, I don’t like his songs, his perfume, his book or his taste in women, but making him cry like a child on live television made me feel a bit funny inside and hate him a little bit less.  I’m furious about it to be honest.”

Another said, “I feel very angry about this whole incident.  I was going to buy his Love Songs album for my girlfriend because it meant I didn’t have to think about it for myself, and they like that sort of thing, don’t they?”

“Now I am going to buy it because I felt a little twinge of sadness for the shameless self-promoting Aussie.  It’s just not right.  Shame on you Sky News!”


A Sky News spokesperson told reporters that they were sorry for the incident, and would be reviewing internal procedures to ensure future promotional interviews with C-list celebrities do not make them appear like real-life human beings.

The spokesperson said, “We would like to apologise to those viewers who found themselves experiencing anything other than disgust and revulsion whilst listening to Peter Andre plug his latest album of adequately sung love ballads that he didn’t write.”

Kay Burley herself spoke of the incident saying, “I am mortified to have confused the feelings of so many members of the public, this was never my intention.”

“I can only hope that despite this incident you can still see Peter Andrew for what he is, a singing six pack with an album out.”