How does a pound a week sound, ask expense repaying MPs

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Sir Thomas Legg is set to recommend that over half of all MPs should repay a portion of their expenses, with most asking how a repayment of a pound a week sounds.

Sir Thomas Legg will criticise MPs for establishing a “culture of deference”, making it difficult for anyone to try and take back all of the money they have stolen over the years.

About 350 MPs are expected to be asked to repay claims totalling £1m.

A Conservative spokesman explained that the party will fully comply with the Legg report, and any MP not offering at least a pound a week in repayments will not be allowed to stand as a Tory candidate in the forthcoming election.

“After years of exploiting an expenses loophole for significant financial gain, we feel a pound a week in the absolute minimum our MPs should be looking to repay.”

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“Some of our wealthy back benchers have said they will go up to a fiver a week, but we will not be making that mandatory.”

“As such, all Conservative expenses repayments will be complete sometime early in the next century.”

Out of touch

A Labour spokesman countered by suggesting the pound a week was further evidence of the Conservatives being out of touch with real people.

“A pound a week?  That is an embarrassingly small amount to repay a week, and shows complete disregard for the tax payer from whom this money was effectively taken.”

“As such we recommending Labour members of parliament make repayments at least 50% higher, at £1.50 a week, to highlight just how serious this is to the Government.”

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