Homeopathy proven to work after overdosing protesters eventually fall asleep

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Homeopathic practitioners are today claiming victory for the efficacy of their remedies, after a protest by the 10:23 group who overdosed on homeopathic sleeping pills, left each participant asleep within just 36 hours of taking the remedy.

The protest was staged to highlight the fact there is not even a single molecule of the active ingredient in most homeopathic remedies, yet they continue to be sold alongside proven medical remedies by pharmacies such as Boots, who claim they will sell you anything you want, for a price.

Head of the Society of Homeopaths, Paula Ross, said that the protesters falling asleep is the perfect example of how homeopathy works in practise.

“This is the proof that that everyone is asking for.  They took the sleeping pills, and just a day and half later they simply could not stay awake any longer.”

“Say all you like about a lack of genuine double-blind medical trials, but here is some real evidence, and from anti-homeopathy sceptics no less, who I am quite sure did everything they could to fight the effects of the remedy.”

“Finally, we have proof that the water we use in the remedies ‘remembers’ what was in it – but only the good stuff, not all of the shit and piss it has previously had in it, obviously.”


Ross is confident that a stunt which backfired so spectacularly will put an end to such silly protests against the efficacy of homeopathic remedies.

She continued, “This is the most damning indictment of homeopathic sceptics to date, and will hopefully put to bed once and for all the argument that these remedies do not work.”

“They were awake when they took the sleeping pill remedy, and now two days later every single participant, every single one, has been asleep.”

“This is why the NHS should continue to fund us with millions of pounds of tax payers money instead of wasting it on things like medical research.”