Liverpool being held by league strugglers officially no longer news

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Liverpool were held to a 0-0 draw last night by relegation strugglers Wolverhampton Wanders, in a match that has been greeted with an ambivalent shrug of the shoulder by sports journalists everywhere.

The match was the latest in a long line of fixtures in which Liverpool have performed to the level expected of any other mid-table football team.

Sports writer at the Daily Mail Ian Ridley explained, “You have to realise that Liverpool failing to beat teams that Liverpool supporters think they should beat, is no longer news.”

“You wouldn’t expect a front page story about the sun coming up today, would you?”

“So why expect the back pages to be full of headlines about Liverpool failing to beat some random team from the bottom half of the Premier League?”

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Ridley went on to explain that all is not lost for Liverpool football club, and they could easily return to the forefront of the sports media spotlight.

“There is plenty they could do, sure,” continued Ridley.

“For example, if Rafa came out on the pitch and shat in the centre circle whilst barking like a dog, I’m not sure I could get my editor to do a feature on it.”

“Or maybe if they started winning a reasonable number of football matches.”

“But Rafa can definitely bark like a dog, right?”

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