Simon Cowell wins ‘Best show with Simon Cowell’ at TV Awards

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Simon Cowell fought off stiff competition to win the award for the ‘Best show with Simon Cowell’ at the National Television Awards held last night in London’s O2 arena.

In one of the most competitive categories on the night Cowell was victorious, seeing off competition from pre event favourite, Simon Cowell.

The award is a clear vindication for Cowell, who last year narrowly lost out to Simon Cowell for the same award.

“It’s a bit of a relief to be honest,” confided Cowell.

“You are never certain of these things, and it’s always great to be recognised as a leader in your field, which is of course the field of shows I invented and starring me.”

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Cheryl Cole accepted the award on Cowell’s behalf after he was said to be a bit confused over how he felt about simultaneously winning, and losing, the award.

Organisers of the National Television Awards unanimously praised the winner, Simon Cowell, with one saying, “The format of Simon Cowell’s shows have proven so successful that they now have their own category, and rightly so.”

“And this year we were delighted to give that award to the show that Simon does where idiots around the country perform terrible auditions in front of him and he mocks them mercilessly before making millions from their dubious talents.”

“No, not that one, the other one.”

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