I always point at the sky that way, insists Gary Neville

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Following accusations of sticking his middle finger up at Manchester City’s match-winner Carlos Tevez in last night’s Carling Cup semi-final, Gary Neville has insisted that this is how he always points at the sky.

The incident occurred after notoriously gracious loser Neville saw his former team mate score the winning goal in a 2-1 victory for his new team.

However, Neville insisted that his gesture has been blown out of all proportion.

Neville told reporters, “I am a keen amateur meteorologist you see, and I was merely showing my team mates on the bench that the sky showed hints of bad weather for tomorrow.”

“I always point at the sky with an upturned hand and a raised middle finger, doesn’t everyone?”

“It is a complete coincidence that the bit of sky I was pointing at was directly above that despicable troll Carlos Tevez.”

No regrets

Manchester United manager Ferguson claimed that despite his match winning performance, he did not regret losing Tevez to his Manchester neighbours.

“I have no regrets in letting Carlos leave the club.  We are a significantly better looking squad as a result.”

“Plus the club has saved a great deal in not supplying sick buckets all around the training ground for those who accidentally caught a glimpse of him in the flesh.”

“Gary might have got a bit carried away last night, probably because since Carlos left it’s a toss up between him and Darren Fletcher as to who is our most physically hideous squad member.”

“But suggestions that Gary is a bad loser are wide of the mark, in fact, with all the recent practise we’ve had he’s getting to be quite good at it.”