Billy Bragg to give tax man an extra £100 towards RBS bonuses

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Musician Billy Bragg is to withhold his income tax beyond the end of January deadline in a cunning ruse to give the Government an extra £100 towards the bonuses for the nation’s investment bankers.

Mr. Bragg has said incurring that the £100 fine for a late tax return will teach the Government a lesson and show his displeasure at the bonuses to be paid to Government employed under performing investment bankers.

Bragg told reporters, “I am sickened by the bonus culture in this country’s financial services industry, and I think the only way to effectively demonstrate my displeasure is to give the Government £100 more than I actually owe them.”

“I suggested writing a song about it, but close friends said that it probably wasn’t the best idea and that I should put the guitar down immediately, and that maybe throwing some money away would do a similar job.”

“I feel that if I can get everyone to do the same as me, or even just 20 million fellow tax payers, the extra £2 billion pounds raised through the fines will definitely not go towards sickeningly large bonus for RBS, Northern Rock and the others.”

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Bragg’s Facebook group has already gained the membership of a further 5,000 people who clearly don’t understand the punitive laws around late tax returns.

Chancellor Alistair Darling said, “We applaud Mr Bragg’s new policy initiative.”

“And if everyone could be late paying their tax by a couple of days that would really help us out of a little financial hole we have for the first part of the year.  Thanks.”

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