BBC found guilty of fellating members of U2

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The BBC has admitted coverage of the launch of U2 album No Line On The Horizon last February, went too far – with the sexual favours performed on members of the band by radio presenters, probably being ‘a bit too much’.

The Editorial Complains Unit admitted that renaming its channels U2-1, U2-2 and U2-3 went too far, as did retitling all prime time television programmes with the prefix, “Bono likes” and suffix “you know”.

A BBC spokesperson said, “Although viewers appeared to enjoy programmes such as ‘Bono Likes Eastenders you know’ and ‘Bono likes Dr Who you know’, we recognise this may have given undue prominence to the band.”

“He does though, like them I mean.  Even though they’re such an amazing band, they still….oh sorry.  It’s a Pavlovian thing.  Someone mentions U2 and the entire BBC jumps into promotional mode.”


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Critics of the U2 takeover last year claim the BBC overstepped its remit by quite some considerable distance.

One viewer said, “The non-stop looping coverage of the bands rooftop concert across all television channels and radio stations for three weeks was probably a little much.”

“I missed Time Team because of it, and by the end I was willing to buy the U2 album just to make them all go away.”

Despite accepting mistakes were made, the corporation has moved to distance itself from the sexual favours performed on the band during the U2 takeover over the BBC.

“We are not denying such acts took place, but any penis touching was the presenters own choice, and not official BBC policy.”

“Jo Whiley playing Bono’s cock live on air as if it was a Banjo string was never agreed in advance, but we like our presenters to have the freedom to go wherever the promotional vehicle decides to takes them.”

“However, with hindsight, I’m sure Jo would admit that gagging on his engorged penis was the sort of thing much more suited to Scott Mills’ show.”