Chinese men busy bookmarking all the ‘good stuff’

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As Google threatens to withdraw its services in China, men across the world’s largest nation have been busy bookmarking all of the best sites providing free smut and filth.

The move comes amid allegations of cyber attacks from Chinese authorities on gmail accounts of human rights campaigners based in China.

To date Google has had great success in showing the communist masses how capitalism has succeeded in allowed young eastern european girls to debase themselves on video for the titilation of bored travelling businessmen with a high speed internet connections.

A Google spokesperson said, “We are proud of our record in directing unimaginable volumes of free filth to the homes of Internet users across the globe.”

“But if China aren’t going to let us do what we want, when we want, and how we want, then we’re taking our ball home.”

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Chinese users

One Chinese Google user told us, “I’m not even sure what I searched for to get here, ‘blonde nymphomaniacs’ I think, but I do know that once Google goes I’ll never, ever find this site ever again.”

“So Tianamen Square doesn’t show up in my search results?  Who cares?  The real issue here is how will I get my fresh supply of nubile western woman with no gag reflexes?”

“We’ve been told by the Government that China is no place for a portal to international filth, even the really good stuff.”

“Good Communist adult entertainment is a stern looking middle-aged woman shouting at you through a computer monitor for hours upon hours, and until Google came along, this is what we used to achieve our quite disappointing erections.”

“Now, if you don’t mind, I have a lot of bookmarking to do.”