Small island nation running low on supplies of salty sand

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The small island nation of Britain is running short of grit for the nation’s snow-covered roads as experts wrack their brains trying to discover a way to get their hands on lots and lots of salty sand.

Thousands of roads across the nation remain impassable thanks to significant snowfall and continued cold weather, with many councils running low on stocks of salted sand to treat the roads in their communities.

“We’re at a loss what to do, we’re almost out of salty sand, and aren’t expecting another delivery till next week”, said a Cornwall council spokesperson Andy Bell.

“I went for a walk along the beach this morning in the hope of coming up with a solution.”

“Plus the beach is just about the only place I can walk safely at the moment, because for some unknown reason the snow doesn’t seem to have settled anywhere the beach.”

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“Unfortunately, as solutions go, I drew a complete blank.”


The issue has left many councils with little option but to consider significant road closures.

Mr. Bell continued, “If only there was somewhere close by where we could go and simply help ourselves to a seemingly limitless supply of well-salted sand, this issue would go away almost overnight.”

“So, if any members of the public know of a large sources of salty sand that could be made readily available, preferably free of charge, I urge you to contact your local council immediately.”

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