Coldest night forces Newcastle residents into long sleeves

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The UK has suffered its coldest night of the winter so far with temperatures plummeting way below freezing in places, forcing some Newcastle residents into a cardigan or light sweater.

Across the country many roads remain impassable, schools have stayed shut, and Geordies are adding a second layer for the first time in years.

Newcastle resident Mick Shearer told us, “I went to get milk in my flip-flops and shorts this morning, just like normal, but this strange sensation developed in my feet.  The doctors are calling it something like ‘Bost-fright’, I think.

“They’re saying I might lose my toes, but what do they know, I’m sure I’ll be fine by this afternoon – I’ve got some gardening to do.”

Symptoms of the cold have affected all sections of society in the North-East, even the young and physically fit.

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Dave McDonald, 28, said he went to the pub last night but upon his arrival he suffered what he believed to be a small epileptic fit.

“I walked to the bar and whilst I stood waiting for my extra cold lager, I began to shake for a few seconds, quite uncontrollably,” said McDonald.

“The bar staff were great, they’d never seen anything like it, but after making sure I hadn’t swallowed my tongue they put me in the recovery position.

“I was absolutely fine a few seconds later, if a little concerned about a relapse.

“We’ve consulted a medical dictionary, and it appears my symptoms are consistent with something known as ‘shivering’ – which sounds absolutely awful to be honest.

“Apparently the cure is to wear long sleeves, but I checked, and you can’t get a prescription for them, or so our doctor keeps telling me.

“Bloody NHS.”

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