Homeless man to spend night in palace to highlight plight of modern Royals

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A central London based homeless man has spent the night in Buckingham Palace to draw attention to the plight of today’s royal family, and the conditions to which they are forced to become accustomed.

The move comes after the homeless population were made aware of the conditions a modern Royal is expected to live with during a meeting with Prince William last week.

“Sometimes I don’t realise how lucky I am,” said Mad Dog, a homeless man based near Baker Street in London.

“Can you imagine having someone following you around all day every day catering to your every whim.  It must be so stifling.

“I can do what I want and nobody cares.  At All.  It is truly liberating.”

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The Royal Family is said to be struggling by on just £40m of public funding a year, a figure that Mad Dog called ‘derisory’.

“When you consider the cost of upkeep on properties like Buckingham and Blenheim Palaces, Windsor and Balmoral Castles, that £40m doesn’t go anywhere near as far you’d think.

“They’d be better off with no property at all, a bit like me.

“I’m lucky, I can make a fiver last two days, but those poor royals are paying bills left right and centre for staff, cars, heating, flights and all the other things we expect them to do.

“I am hoping that my night spent here in opulent luxury will serve to raise awareness of the plight of the modern royal, and will hopefully see the Government address the issue of their woefully underfunded existence.”

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