All men take Twiggy off their ‘old women I’d still do’ lists

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Men everywhere have removed Oil of Olay model Twiggy from their lists of old women they’d still definitely do, after discovering that she actually looks like a normal 60 year old woman.

The cosmetic firm Oil of Olay have been forced to admit that they airbrush photos of Twiggy for advertisements because, unfortunately, old women are a bit saggy.

An Oil of Olay spokesperson told us, “We had two choices, airbrush her wrinkles out, or relaunch the product as one that gives you jowls like a basset hound.  We chose the former.”

Men everywhere have expressed their anger at the disappointing revelation that Twiggy doesn’t look like her adverts in real life.

35 year-old Dave Shut told us, “I had created this elaborate sexual fantasy about having three generations of women from the same family all at once, with Twiggy as the totally-up-for-it matriarch.”

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“And now it’s ruined.  Totally ruined.”

Another told us, “I once hid in a wardrobe and masturbated into a sock over an advert she was in.  But now I feel dirty.”


This is not the first time an older woman has been dropped from men’s definitely-doable lists over night.

Dave Shut continued, “For years I had Joan Collins on my list because of all the soft focus they used in the Cinzano adverts.”

“Then I saw a paparazzi photo of her on a boat and instantly lost my lunch.  It was hours before I could achieve another reasonable erection.”

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