White van driver caught not using mobile phone whilst driving

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Despite more drivers using hand-held mobile phones than ever before, researchers recently discovered a white van man driving with both hands simultaneously on the wheel, the Transport Research Laboratory has said.

The research showed that approximately one in thirty drivers is still happy to drive their vehicle whilst using a hand-held mobile phone, despite increases in fines a points on their driving licence.

However, there has been a drop in the number of white van men using hand-held mobiles whilst driving, with figures falling from from 30 in 30 in 2006, to 29 in 30 in 2009.

The finding has led researchers to suggest that the often criticised white van man is finally shedding his sociopathic tendencies and may, after all, give even the remotest shit about other road users.

White van

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A researcher on the study told us, “I saw this one white van driver out of the corner of my eye, but I had to check he wasn’t parked up as both of his hands were clearly on the steering wheel.”

“I was left quite confused, and at first thought that maybe he had stolen the van from the rightful owner and wasn’t completely aware of the standard white van driving protoclols.”

“But then he pulled up into a disabled parking space to deliver a box to someone, and so redeemed himself in the eyes of other white van drivers.”

“But still, the driving without a phone glued to his ear is perhaps a sign than safety warnings are finally starting to take hold among those driving around in what are essentially big white tanks.”