Children to show teachers how to use Internet properly

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Primary school children are to show teachers and other adults how to use the Internet as part of a new curriculum for children in England from 2011.

The move comes in response to an increasing number of adults who have absolutely no idea what they are doing, or where they are going, when on-line.

The new programme will be called, ‘Find It, Watch It, Rate It’ and will be like a Green Cross Code for teachers new to the world of the Internet, which is currently inhabited almost exclusively by the children they teach.

One student, 10 year-old Brooklyn Jones, is very much looking forward to the new lessons.

“It’ll make a refreshing change to being patronised by people who know significantly less than I do about technology.”

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“I mean, hacked into the Ministry of Defence mainframe last weekend, and yet I swear I saw my teacher Mrs James trying to use the television remote control to make a phone call – yet she’s meant to be teaching me?”


Brooklyn continued, “My fellow children and I look forward to sharing our technological expertise with the adults we are forced to spend our days with.”

“I already programme every single device at home that has a menu structure, so it’s the next logical step I suppose.”

The plans have proven popular with education professionals who are excited about learning how to exploit technology beyond using an overhead projector.

James Britton, a teacher at Brooklyn’s school explained, “This is an excellent opportunity for us to learn about technology from the experts.”

“There are certain specialist Internet resources we adults have yet to fully exploit, and I am confident that the children will allow us to do just that.”

Brooklyn concluded, “It’ll be a success, I know because our Deputy head Mr Britton was ever so excited when I told him I could help him stream something called ‘German Scat’ direct to his mobile phone.”