Algerian players’ delight at easy World Cup draw

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As the World Cup draw took place in South African on Friday, there were wild celebrations among Algerian national football association regarding the easy draw given to their team in Group C.

A FIFA spokesperson said, “It’s true that there is never an easy game at the World Cup finals. But it’s also true that some games are harder than others.”

“And if avoiding the ‘group of death’ was a relief, it was only diplomacy that prevented expressions of outright joy among the Algerians when the make-up of Group C was announced.”

“We are extremely happy with the draw,” said Rabah Saadane, manager of the Algerian side.

“We were dreading the ruthless efficiency of Germany, or frightening attacking skills of Brazil, but getting England could not be better for our World Cup dream.”

“Everyone knows that England capitulate to at least one embarrassing result per World Cup, and we are confident that next summer’s tabloid rage inducing result will be a defeat to Algeria.”


However, Algerian claims of future success against England have been refuted by the Slovenian FA.

“If any team is capable of taking advantage of England’s over confidence and inevitable slip-up, it is us,” said the Slovenian manager Matjaz Kek.

“Yes, we are at a disadvantage because Algeria get to play England first, but if they fail to beat them, then the victory is destined to be ours.”

“We are quite confident that on Thursday 24th June 2010 the back pages of England’s tabloids will be making tired puns on the word Slovenia with the head of Fabio Capello morphed into some sort of root vegetable.”