Portsmouth millionaires forced to go three weeks without further millions

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Portsmouth have confirmed some of their millionaires have not received their November millions, the second time this season they have been forced to live off their existing millions.

A Portsmouth statement read: “The majority of the first team millionaires have not yet received their obviously well-earned November salaries.”

“A small proportion of their wages will be paid on Friday – probably something like a hundred grand each – with the club’s new owners working towards paying the remainder over the next few days.”

“Our thoughts go out to the members of the squad and their families at this financially difficult time, and we all hope they can find the strength to survive.”

“I’m afraid that the leopard-print Bentley Continental they’ve had their eye on will have to wait until after Christmas.”

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The lack of payment to Portsmouth’s players has created significant criticism among supporter organisations.

“Look, they were pretty bloody rubbish when they were being paid, so this is hardly going to help, is it?” Said on season ticket holder.

Another told us, “It’s tragic.  How can a millionaire survive and maintain his ostentatious lifestyle without a ready supply of well-earned cash from me and 30,000 of my friends which he can then fritter away as he chooses?”

“David  James spends £50k a month on hairstyles, god knows what he’ll look like on Saturday now.”

“And poor old Jamie O’Hara now has to support premier league WAG Danielle Lloyd, so she’s hardly going to hang around without a ready supply of new millions, is she?”

A support organisation has been launched in support of the struggling Portsmouth players, and donations can be made directly to the PFA.

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