Hughes accuses Wenger of acting ‘all French’

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Manchester City boss Mark Hughes has accused Arsenal counterpart Arsene Wenger of “acting all French and that” after their Carling Cup quarter-final.

Manchester City won 3-0 thanks to goals from a range of vastly overpaid millionaires, yet at the final whistle Wenger refused to shake hands with his opposition manager.

“I went to shake his hand at the end, but he simply went all French on me and flatly refused,” said Hughes to reporters after the game.

“He then did that Gallic shrug thing that he does, and then mumbled something which I think mentioned sheep burning.”


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The incident has led to further media accusations of Wenger being overly French, and only being all nice and ‘apparently British’ when his team wins.

Wenger has responded to the criticism, telling reporters, “I think I have nothing to say – apart from all of this stuff, obviously.”

“I am free to shake hands with whom I want after the game, that is my right as a Frenchman.”

“The fact is I didn’t see him.  Yes, he was stood right in front of me with his hand held out, but I did not see him.”

The Premier League is expected to write to Wenger asking him not to continually revert to his national stereotype every time he loses a match.

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