FAI apply to enter World Snooker Championships

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The Football Association of Ireland has continued its policy of applying to enter events it has not qualified for by submitting a formal application to compete at the 2010 World Snooker Championships.

The move comes just hours after the FAI applied to be the 33rd team at the FIFA World Cup, effectively asking to ruin a competition format that is nearly fifty years old.

“We feel that just because we haven’t qualified for an event, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking part,” said FAI President David Blood.

“I mean, whose idea was this whole, ‘only play if you qualify’ thing anyway?  It sounds suspiciously like corruption to me.”

“In fact, if you think about it, the fact that we didn’t qualify for it would make our participation all the more interesting.”

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“It would make a great movie – the rights to which we already own, by the way.”


The Crucible is due to host the world snooker championships in Sheffield in April 2010, and the FAI has made it clear that they too, would like to be involved.

“No, technically we have not qualified for the Snooker finals – but I say to you – should the winning of matches in a particular sport really be the deciding factor on who gets to compete in the finals?” Continued Blood.

“By denying us the opportunity to take to the baize at the Crucible, the authorities are simply hiding behind bureaucracy and so-called ‘rules’ to prevent the dreams of millions of Irish people coming true.”

“Do you know who else stuck fastidiously to the rule book no matter how compelling the alternate argument?  The Nazis.  That’s right, I said what everyone else is thinking.”

U2 front man Bono has this morning added the considerable weight of his ego to the campaign to get the Irish team to the World Cup finals, with David Blood concluding, “Please don’t hold that against us, please.”