New Call of Duty ‘unrealistic’, say under-equipped Armed Forces

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The highly anticipated release of console game ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ has met with criticism from Army officials for its unrealistic portrayal of life as a poorly-equipped British soldier.

The game, released today by Activision, depicts armed forces that are both well-trained and sufficiently well-equipped for the challenges they face.

“It’s pure fantasy.  The soldiers in this game are so well equipped it’s almost laughable,” said an MOD spokesperson.

“In my twenty years service I’ve never been involved in a mission like those in this game, in which every soldier is so well trained – and with each soldier given every conceivable piece equipment needed to not only complete their mission, but survive an enemy onslaught.”

“Where are the poorly-prepared territorial troops?  Where is the scribbled crayon letter from the Prime Minister when you lose a life?”

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“Where is the level where they go to Afghanistan for six months because the Prime Minister agreed to give Al Qaeda some more target practise?”

Constructive criticism

Former soldiers have said they would willingly assist in future developments to ensure the next game more closely mirrors life in the British Armed Forces.

“It’s pretty easy really,” said one retired officer.

“Each mission should begin with an officer rifling through reams of red tape to try and requisition enough safety equipment to keep his men alive during the operation.”

“Then at least one vehicle should break down, and the soldiers should then have to walk for hours upon hours because there aren’t enough helicopters to get them from A to B.”

“It might not make great game play, but at least it’d be realistic.”

Despite the UK criticism, the game has received more favourable reviews in other countries, with the French release claiming plaudits for the graphical quality of the white flag raised at the start of each level.

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